Driving Me Crazy

I’ve been on the road a lot lately, with road trips to Toronto, to go camping, and to Vermont all taking place in the last few weeks.  I also had three concerts in one week and I’ve come to conclusion that the human race is dangerously close to losing all remaining common decency.  A few categories of people who get on my nerves:

The people who think that are apparently just too good to wait for any sort of traffic at all.  Main offenders include those who cut off others who have been waiting to get out of a parking lot, or the a-hole who speeds down the the lane of a highway that is closed, and then tries to sneak in ahead of everyone else who has pushed over well before the lane closure.  Anyone who does this should have their tires slashed and windshield smashed by the people he cut off.  What these people have to realize is that it only gets them wherever they are going about 30 seconds faster and they are perpetuating a problem that makes EVERYONE late in the first place.  If everyone just got in the right lane and kept driving as soon as possible, no one would have to stop to let some jerk in.  We’d be moving – slower than normal, but still moving.

People who don’t move up to the next available gas pump – a few weeks ago, I pulled into a gas station right behind someone  who stopped at the first gas pump.  I saw him look behind him, so I figured he would pull up to the next pump.  He didn’t – he just stopped there, got out and went to the cashier.  I was dumbfounded – but wait… there’s more!  As I’m backing out and start to pull around him, this woman comes whipping around me and takes the spot.  I ended up having to turn around and pull up to a pump on the other side in order to be on the same side as my gas tank.  First class jerkery right there!!!