Contrary to a previous post, there is some good human decency left.  Last week, I misplaced my wallet on the way to tennis (yeah, I know good thing the season is over), which I didn’t discover until almost to the courts.  A thorough search of my car didn’t locate it, so I figured I either left it in my office or possibly dropped it in the parking lot.  Considering my wallet has keycards to get inside a building filled with expensive office equipment, I wanted to go find it.

On the way there, a series of phone calls led to the discovery that someone had actually found my wallet on the side of the road and was returning it.  Apparently while putting everything in my car and putting my handfuls of stuff on the roof of the truck, it had fallen out onto the roof and I drove away with it on there.  Luckily, everything was intact, and nothing but a few bucks and some coupons missing.  I was very fortunate and I’m very grateful that there are some honest, decent people still out there.