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A few interesting items for you:

Apparently those people who are too good for the rest of us are too good for the famous people as well; rich people don’t care about celebrity endorsements.

I have been on  I’ve poked around.  I think there’s some neat stuff there, but there’s still too many people with way too much time on their hands based on all the activity surrounding it.   Not to mention that as it becomes part of the mainstream media, what’s real and what isn’t will get tougher to determine.

Speaking of advertising, my fellow marketers have found yet another way to inundate us all with advertising – on school buses.  I don’t know about this – I haven’t been on a school bus in a while, but if my memory serves me correctly, the kids who don’t have headphones on are too loud to hear anything anyway.

Its almost as if they’ve been doing Cocaine – the energy drink.

Everybody who has filled up their iPod with iTunes purchased music, raise there hand.  *crickets chirps*  I thought so too.

Back in the "people with too much time worrying about stupid things" department, some people are concerned about the skinniness of models.  Others are saying you can’t regulate it.  The rest of us are saying "who cares!?!??!"

Happy birthday Play-Doh!  I’m gonna go grind some putty into a carpet in your honor.

The music industry must be in a sad state when the Naked Cowboy gets a record deal.  It’ll be even sadder if the record sells well.  It be downright depressing if its actually better than most of the stuff out there – which it easily could be actually…

OK, so this article is a bit over the top, but I have to admit… while they are comfortable, I do find Crocs to be disturbing looking.  They look like standard issue in a jailhouse – no metal, no sharp edges and lightweight. 

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