Calling All Other Old Dawgs

A while ago I waxed poetic (or something like that) about turning 30, and now that I’m a few months into my 30th year, it got me thinking what I’ve done this year that has really stood out.  Unlike others who think their lives start to suck the older they get, this has been a great year so far, with a bunch of great new things happening to me (not the least of which is getting a fantastic girlfriend, but I’ll skip over that for now):

  • Attended my first professional baseball game outside of Fenway park, and did so with an impromptu road trip
  • Made plans to attend my first professional baseball game in Canada in September when the Red Sox play the Blue Jays
  • Checked off a life goal by seeing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony performed live
  • Learned to play tennis
  • Went bowling for the first time
  • Sat in the bleachers at Fenway for the first time
  • Finally made the short pilgrimage to Boston on the 4th of July to see the Pops play
  • Went on my first "booze cruise" on Boston harbor

Before the year is out, I will probably have gone camping for the first time in my life and possibly will have traveled overseas for the first time. 

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Now get off your duff and do something!