A Few Thoughts to Share

I came across a few news items this morning that I wanted to share with everyone:

First of all, Australia is using Barry Manilow to fight loud cars.  How do you think that makes Barry feel?  I mean really: "Rockdale councilors believe Manilow is so uncool it might just work" is a direct quote.  Plus, has Barry become so uncool that he’s cool? 

666 baby!!  Get out the sacrificial altar, find a virgin and put on some Iron Maiden!!  Tomorrow is 6/6/06, which is why the remake of The Omen is coming tomorrow, but also why casual Satan worshipers everywhere will be dancing around bonfires naked at midnight tonight.

Thank god I’ll be able to watch TV while filling my gas tank now.  I know I hated having 5 minutes to myself to actually just… you know… what’s that thing?  Umm… "think"! The sad thing is that if you’re filling up a SUV, your cable bill will be cheaper than your gas bill!

Schilling goes evil to benefit ALS.  Good for him.  ’nuff said.

Deadwood is one of my all-time favorite shows, and after last night’s uber-disappointing season finale of the Sopranos, it is definitely my all-time favorite cable TV show.  Looks like they will be making some changes, by way of a few TV movies to help speed things up and have more flexibility.  I didn’t know that this season was supposed to be the last.  I’m glad that we’ll have a few more hours out of this fine drama.

Speaking of the Sopranos, can I just say that I was really disappointed in last night’s season finale?  The last eight episodes that will be airing next year have a LOT of work to do, since we have no cliffhanger to get us going into next season.