Vindigo + Me = BFF

If your cell phone is capable of carrying Vindigo, I have two words for you: GET IT!!  Especially if you spend a lot of time in a big city or traveling or will be traveling to a large city. 

Instead of carrying around scraps of paper and maps and books in our pockets all weekend in Chicago, I just had my Treo loaded with Vindigo and looked everything up on there, including walking directions, addresses, etc.  Three times I was able to tell the cab driver where something was that he had no clue about (of course, one of those was Buddy Guy’s Legends, which doesn’t say much for the cab driver).  It seriously made the weekend easier, more fun and more spontaneous.

Vindigo gets the first Pop Culture Gangster Seal of Approval!  (not that there is really such a thing or that if anything else will get it ever again, but just go with it)