Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda….

I know that this is just whining at this point, but I had this idea over three years ago dammit.   It came out of the sheer frustration of trying to find… a good salsa, of all things.  Seriously – you ever stand in the salsa section of a supermarket and try to find a good one, without giving yourself an ulcer by trying them all?  It made me think about a supermarket that would sell only the top couple of brands of each item only.  So not 25 brands of salsa or 10 different cooking oils or garbage bags… just the top 1 – 5 items that are truly the best.

One thought on “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda….”

  1. I just love how you are Ginny! You are God’s BEST.BTW I just moved a workbench from the graage to a bedroom. Before we moved it, I cleaned out the cabinet and unearthed a huge plate our blended family worked on several years ago in a pottery shop. It was EXACTLY the same plate,(same design) as yours below. The names are different, but the handprints are all there. I can’t believe it. You just relax and know that we love you to pieces.Rebecca

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