I Am NOT a Gadget Geek!!

Somewhere along the way I got a reputation as being a gadget geek techie, and I don’t know when or how.   For the purposes of this self-defensive post, I will define "gadget geek techie" as someone who simply has to have the latest and greatest gadget and really get excited by the technology and gadgets by themselves.  I say I’m not one of "those people."

Here’s what the argument that I am one might have going for it: I do have a couple of XM satellite radios, and a Palm Treo 650 that I pretty much live by.  I have a wireless network set up in my house, but I think everyone else does these days too.  At this point just about anyone can set one up.  I dabble in things like MySpace and this blog, but you’ll quickly realize that I don’t do a lot of fancy customization with either.

I use Vonage as my home phone service, but that happened only late last year and they’ve been around for a while. I have my own domain, but don’t know anything fancier than HTML which I think everyone knows now thanks to MySpace.  I read WIRED and keep up on new trends (such as blogging and podcasting – more on that later) but that’s because I’m in marketing.

Here’s what would be arguing against it:

  • I didn’t get my first cell phone until 2001
  • That first cell phone was a good ‘ol Motorla Star-Tac and I sometimes wish I had that phone again… it still had the best audio quality out of any phone I’ve had
  • The second cell phone I got – at the end of my two year contract with Verizon – had color screen, and that was it… no camera or anything
  • I got the Treo 650 at the end of another two year contract last year and got it to replace a cell phone and a four year old Sony Clie that was dying on me.
  • Speaking of which… I also got my Clie in 2001, hardly an early adopter of PDA technology.  I bought mine and a few months later they started coming out with the $99 packs for graduation and father’s day….
  • I had an ancient Macintosh Performa up until October of 2004, and it served me well for all those years.  When I got a new computer, it was because I had to, and the computer I got was an off-the-shelf HP computer package from Best Buy, not a high-end super system.  I didn’t even get a flat-screen LCD panel (a decision I’m regretting and thinking about getting a replacement – only because I’d like the extra room on my desk, not because I have monitor envy).
  • The only thing I’ve done to the HP computer is install the wireless card.  Kinda geeky, but not nearly as tough as some people would think
  • Yes, I bought a laptop.  No, I don’t use it all the time.  No, I haven’t modified it since it came out of the box.  No, it isn’t a top-of-the line.  Its an Avertec middle-of-the road sufficient-for-me-when-I-need-it laptop.
  • Perhaps most shocking of all to everyone who knows me – both as this supposed gadget geek and music-lover is that I DO NOT OWN AN IPOD!  Nope, I don’t.  Wouldn’t mind owning one and might get one eventually, and would gladly accept one as a gift (hint hint), but otherwise, I’m not in a rush to get one.

So that’s my story – I know about technology and have this here blog (that is barely a year old) and my own domain, and have a nifty cell phone, but that’s about it.   However, I do stay up to date as to what the major trends are in technology, so I guess the best you could call me is an early mainstream adopter.  I’m not a cutting-edge or early adopter, but I do get into things just as they start to go mainstream.  Which is unfortunate for me, since nearly every bit of technology I’ve bought has gotten cheaper within 6 months of me buying it.  So watch this blog as your own personal guide when to buy your next gadget… if I buy it, wait a few months and get it for half-price!

2 thoughts on “I Am NOT a Gadget Geek!!”

  1. Might I be the first to say that there’s nothing wrong with being a gadget geek techie! Despite your well-written defense, I’m still thinking you really are one.

    My case:
    1. In order to argue so definitively against actually being a gadget geek as you have done, one assumes, one must have more than a smidgen of techie knowledge which you do.In my case, for example, my arguement would simply be: “I still have never programmed my VCR and my microwave has flashed 12:00 for four years.”
    2. You may not yet own an iPod, but you lust after it so that qualifies you.
    3. A lot of your friends and acquaintances assume you are the go-to guy for advice on geeky, gadgety, techie stuff and those of us without skills, sense this in those of us who are “more capable”.
    4. And finally, perhaps most importantly, only a gadget geek techie would own, not ONE, but a “couple” of XM radios.

    I rest my case. Be proud. Stand tall. Discover and make friends with your inner gadget geek techie. We are all counting on you to be up on the latest stuff, explain it to us and write funny posts about it.

  2. If you have never programmed your VCR and your microwave is still flashing 12:00, then you’re a luddite and I’m a friggin’ Bill Gates. LOL

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