Ready To Jump Off A Cliff

Meghan came back from her trip to Amsterdam, Paris and Rome this weekend and I was lucky enough for her to actually still like me enough upon her return that I got a few new Hard Rock Cafe pins.  In addition to pins from each of the cities, she also got me one that says "In Memory of Our Brother Cliff Johnson."

I’m a pretty knowledgeable guy when it comes to music and music history, but this one is throwing me.  The pin is pictured below. 


The best I have been able to find is some references to a Rockabilly musician that has a total of two listings in, one here and here.  However, there is basically no information for him in the rest of

One would think that someone who warrants a Hard Rock Pin might have a bit more information availble about him online.  If anyone can help, please give me a few ideas!!