Yes, Deer

For the second time in under a week I drove by a billboard on Route 93 South heading out of Boston that is advertising "Bambi II."  It got my twisted little mind thinking about what might come next in the Bambi movie franchise:

Bambi III: Thumper and Bambi – the Forbidden Love

Bambi IV: Flower – the Smell of Passion

Bambi V: Bambi Goes to the City

Bambi VI: Bambi Does The Forest

Bambi VII: Revenge Against the Hunters

Bambi VIII: Bambi Gets Horny (get it? Horns?  Deer? )

Bambi IX: Bambi Meets Freddie Kruger

Bambi X: Bambi Meets Jason

Bambi XI: Fire’s Revenge

Bambi XII: Bambi Vs. Smokey the Bear (made famous by Bambi’s line "F*** you Smokey!" and the grisly final impalement scene, the movie ending with Bambi throwing Smokey’s hat into a unconfined camp fire)

Anyone else got others?

One thought on “Yes, Deer”

  1. You know I was there for the first drive by the billboard and it still makes me chuckle thinking about them 🙂

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