Music Shouldn’t Be a Commodity

I thought that this article was kind of sad to read.  The main gist is found in the first paragraph: "internet downloading and MP3 players are creating a generation of people who do not seriously appreciate songs or musical performances."

I had hoped that the arrival of MP3 players and satellite radio would mean a new-found appreciation for music, but the easy availbility of it may mean the opposite.

I hadn’t thought about this potential outcome back in February of 2005 when I made this post about "Music Overload."

So how do we go about making sure people appreciate the work behind the art that is music?

2 thoughts on “Music Shouldn’t Be a Commodity”

  1. no one appreciates shit anymore. maybe it is all too disposable? who made you respond the way that you did to the “condom” myspace poster?
    TITLE: Good to the Fans, Good to the Music
    BLOG NAME: Pop Culture Gangster
    DATE: 06/25/2007 03:17:32 PM
    As a big music fan, I look around at the state of the music industry and wonder what will happen. I’ve been tracking the digital revolution of music since the late 90’s – I did a research paper back in

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