This is must be why they are for women

So I was looking for a good snack or meal replacement type bar to have in the morning when I’m running late or have to catch an early flight, or what have you, and while looking through the approximate 4,594,389 available varieties of bars available at your average store, I came across Pria from Power Bar. I liked the nutritionals on it, and bought one to try out.

Now, I admit that I didn’t know until just now that it is designed for women. The design isn’t exactly feminine and there’s nothing on the packaging that screams "for woman only." Yeah, there’s a picture of a female on it, but so do other products. Hell, if I had my choice of lathering up with a soap that has a picture of a woman on it vs. a picture of a man, I’d much rather go with the woman!

Anyway – I had this Pria bar today. I don’t know what the word "Pria" actually means, or where they came up with the word, but I’m quite certain that it MUST mean "intestinal demon" in SOME language. If I had eaten an entire ear of corn – husk, silk, cob and all – it wouldn’t have left me feeling as bloated and disgusting. What the hell are these people thinking? This isn’t food – its a concrete roadblock for your lower intestine. I can eat high fiber cereal with no problem, but this thing… God help me, make it STOP!