How to screw up a client relationship

Yeah, so here’s a word of advice to all marketing services agencies out there.  Listen and read and follow any requests and/or directions that your client gives you.  Really. 

I had a situation yesterday where a very simple request to an agency – who shall remain nameless out of professional courtesy – was mucked up because they simply didn’t pay attention to the fact that I requested a logo in JPG format rather than the TIF format that they sent it to me in.  A small mistake, granted, but one that started a chain reaction of events that ate up a lot of my afternoon and caused a great deal of frustration on my part.

However, Kudos to Winner Advertising and Marketing By Design for doing a great job for me and going above and and beyond the call of duty.

One thought on “How to screw up a client relationship”

  1. Derek,

    It is tough for people to listen. I remember when I was working for BioData in 1996 in Silicon Valley, we had a client that requested we give a proposal on an Oracle server. My sales colleague at the time thought we did not need to include the bid for that portion of the services we were offering. We did. And we did not get the contract, the client told us, “you did not get the contract because you did not give us a proposal for everything I wanted.”

    I think its a matter of being human and actually paying attention to the customer.


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