Suprisingly Under the Radar

Maybe it is just me, or did the Live8 concert get lost in the shuffle of the July 4th weekend?   I had heard about it several times over through my many music related newsletters, magazines, and web sites, but even with that, it seemed like it didn’t get all that much attention.  It was on MTV and VH1 (and I think MTV’s college version network as well), so it did have some TV exposure, but the only way to see all the acts was through AOL Music’s web site.  They did a nice job with it, even though you had to keep hitting "refresh" in order to see the list of which bands were coming up next.

Anyway – I hope that it gets some good post-event coverage, not only for the music, but for the cause as well.  A few cover stories in some magazines would be a nice thing, no?

The highlight for me was definitely the Pink Floyd "reunion" with Roger Waters.  I had goose bumps on top of my goose bumps.  There are very few bands that I would pay hundreds of dollars to see – and many of those would be impossible since some of them are dead – but seeing Pink Floyd with Roger Waters would be one of them.   It was very cool to hear him sing "Comfortably Numb" with the full band again.  It gave ME chills….

The other astounding thing about it was the technology.  It was a big deal back in ’85 when they did Live Aid in two different countries, but now they were doing it in 8 different locations in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, and broadcasting it over the web – which didn’t even exist when Live Aid was done! 

Some of the best coverage though had to be through XM Satellite radio – they did a GREAT job, dedicating nine channels to coverage of the concerts, all in superb audio quality.  It made for a fun day in between yard work, checking out the live video stream, seeing what was on MTV/VH1, and switching between the different XM radio stations.  Once again, I gotta give props to XM!

Oh – and yes, I did sign the petition.