My First ebay Store

In an attempt to sell off some excess inventory (not enough of you damn people got sick this year) I just opened up an ebay storefront for the first time.  Check it out here.  Thermometers, diabetes organizers, and some other interesting stuff.

It was a very interesting process – some problems getting the site to stop timing out while working on it yesterday, but I got it up and running today and now we have seven items listed, each selling for well below retail.  Go there and buy something to make me look good!

Enjoyable Sins

Kind of a redundant entry title, ain’t it?

Anyway – Saturday night I went to the Middle East Night Club for the Emergenza Festival, specifically to see Sin City Chainsaw.  As we had hoped, they lived up to our expectations, being a great, heavy, fun band. 

Sin City Chainsaw is stoner rock epitomized, with chunky, grinding guitars churning out catchy riffs that evoke Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, and Queens of the Stone Age.  While not particularly break-through in their delivery, they are solid, and provide a great fix for the rocker needing a loud hit of some guitars, drums, bass and vocals working together to wake up the outer reaches of the universe.

Sin City Chainsaw are awesome live.  They are obviously enjoying themselves, and the lead singer, Curtis Caswell, fills the roll of rock n’ roll front man perfectly, hitting all the bases: calling out for more noise from the audience, jumping into the crowd, leaning WAY back to wail into the mic (I’ve never seen anyone quite that flexible), and taking off his shirt to expose a disturbing number of tattoos. 

On the record, the production is top-notch, and letting the guitars, bass, and drums work together to create a powerful wall of sound without creating nothing but noise.  My only criticism of the disc is that Caswell tries a bit too hard to recreate the energy of the live show and ends up keeping his vocals and energy levels so high on record that you actually find yourself getting tired listening to him, and wishing that he’d give you a moment’s rest.  I almost feel bad for the guy – he might want to mellow out with some miracle weed himself.

What results is a record with very little "breathing room" in the vocals, which creates almost no drama or tension in the songs.  Sometimes other bands creates songs that don’t quite pay off the way that you hope they would – never quite reach that bombastic crescendo that you are waiting for.  Sin City goes straight there, which is great for a while, but leaves no place to go.  At some point during the course of the 11-song disc, you begin to wish for something to help pace things out – either a slow, soft bridge, or an eerie low spoken voice vocal, or hell, even a power ballad, just to give us a chance to enjoy all the high points of the music and better appreciate the energy that is being exuded.   

Its nothing that a little bit of experienced record producing wouldn’t be able to guide into the songs, and I hope that they get a chance to work with someone like that.  Ironically, the record has "coke dealer" listed as the producer – if they can find "ganja smoker" as a co-conspirator and mellowing influence, Sin City Chainsaw would be golden.

This poor, poor girl

I met someone today is BOTH a Red Sox fan AND a Cubs fan.  She’s originally from Chicago, then moved out here and became a Red Sox fan.

Who DOES that to themselves?  Granted, we can all breathe easier with the Red Sox, but now she still has the OTHER team to deal with.   God, I feel sorry for her….

Checking out local music

Why is it so damn hard to find local bands and hear what they sound like and know when they are playing!?!?  I appreciate the need for artistic integrity and how it can get in the way of that "marketing crap," but goddammit, if no knows what you sound like or where to find you, all the art in the world isn’t going to do you any good!!  Why do so many bands make it so difficult to find and listen to their MP3, don’t provide a way to get emailed about shows, don’t update their show listings (when you know they have new gigs), etc.   Sometimes I think I should have stuck in that line of work from back when I was doing it freelance.

Bartering for Beers

Perhaps this is just one of those "guy things," but does anyone else trade off money for beers and drinks all the time?  Or do my friends and I need to get some professional help?

We were just emailing back and forth about our trip to Philly and I made the majority of the reservations with my credit card, and while telling the guys what they owed me, I rounded it off to a lower, even, number and said "you can just buy me a beer this weekend."   I think its a male ritual or something, or do women do it too??

Philly Trip Done!

I wanted to share with everyone that my "Great lost weekend" with John and Eric in Philly is now officially "on"!  We got together last night and made plans and reservations.  We are simply staying at a Holiday Inn Express, since we’re not planning on spending a lot of time in the room.  Just need a place to pass out, basically! 

We also made reservations at Morimoto’s restaurant which is very exciting.  The plan is to fly down on Friday the 18th, do a few tourist-y things to get the lay of the land, and then have a more "sophisitcated" evening on Friday.  Go to Morimoto’s, and then find a cigar lounge, martini lounge, and/or jazz club and do a nice, fun, but upscale evening.

The next day, Saturday will probably consist of hitting the museum of art and doing the obligatory Rocky thing at the stop of the stairs, strolling through South street and the Italian farmer’s market.  Dinner and drinks Saturday night will be a considerably more informal affair, especially since Eric is planning on dying part of his beard red… just in case we weren’t enough of a bunch of freaks to begin with.

Sunday – well, I guess Sunday depends on how much into Sunday morning we stay up!  We have a late flight, so we should be able to do something fun.  I’m advocating going to Cereality, which just opened up in Philly.  It just looks like a ton of fun to try out.