Dancing the Night Away

Last night I went to a "Winter Blues" party at Advertising Ventures, an ad agency here in Providence, RI.  What a great time…  I went expecting to just go to an interesting little business party type of thing, have a few drinks and food while doing a little bit of networking. 

They ended up having two blues bands, one of which was Blues FO (as in "UFO" – for some reason it works a lot better on the kick drum than it does writing out in a sentence) which was playing some great rockin’ blues music.  With 4 or 5 beers in me, a couple of Maker’s Mark and Cokes, and a martini, of course I found myself dancing.  Thankfully I was dancing with several very attractive women (OK, I admit it – that was another major reason for going – particularly one woman who works at the agency, but I digress), some of whom I really need to "follow up" with… 

An interesting point of the evening was when the singer of the band asked from the mic what my name was.  He wanted to know because he actually thought I was a good dancer (he said "you sure can move for a big guy") which was damn funny, but was nice to hear 🙂   Of course, NONE of the girls I was hanging out with were there for that.  DOH!  Strange thing is that its not the first time I’ve been complimented on my dancing.  I must be a dancin’ fool. 

Or at least a fool. 

One thought on “Dancing the Night Away”

  1. He’s a plant. He was the “dancing referee” in the Sacramento game. He trlaves around the league and comes out dressed like an NBA referee during a timeout. He reacts to the mascot’s taunting by dancing and “stripping”. A quick look around the floor shows that he’s a 4th “official”. Looks like he stuck around for the Phoenix game too.

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