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Here’s a Great Idea…

Seriously – isn’t this a nifty idea?  Let’s you buy someone a drink without being there.   Of course, you could look at it as "great.. just what we need- another way to avoid social interaction…"

  More debauchery: Corney & Barrow,
one of London’s Financial District’s largest bar operators, makes it
possible for people to buy their friends a drink online (from beer to
Jesus Juice to bubbles). Users of the Buy Me a Beer
service go to Corney & Barrow’s website, select a drink (by glass
or bottle), pay by credit card, after which a text message (SMS) with a
code is sent to their friend. The happy recipient then presents his or
her phone with their virtual voucher on it to any Corney & Barrow
bar to redeem their free drink. Not spotted outside the UK yet, and it
should work for all kinds of services, from gifts to dinners. As the
entire world has a cell phone these days, with even Americans taking to
texting… Cheers!